Thursday, January 9, 2014


This week we were BUSTED!
Local law enforcement officers converged on our faclities- for some "In-Field" training for their K-9 Units

            They planted some items in our warehouse & let the dogs search around until they found them

As always- we love having our K-9 Officers visit & were very happy we could assist them.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The weather is starting to get a bit cooler, and we are already thinking about fall!  Here's some info about fleece vests:

Fleece vests are a fall staple. These comfortable and attractive outerwear pieces provide a dash of style and a cozy layer of additional warmth without being stifling. Popular at retail, Columbia, L.L. Bean and Patagonia are just a few of the leading brands that pack their collections with fleece vests for him and her. 

Given the ever-growing influence of retail on imprinted apparel, it is little surprise that fleece vests are trending in the ad specialty marketplace, too. The vests appeal to a wide variety of markets. Schools and universities want them. So do hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Technology start-ups dig them, as does every entity from the local health food store and wineries to resort ranches and telecommunications companies. "Fleece vests are great for a corporate environment or incentive program," says Joe Bunsness, Ash City's (asi/37127) vice president of sales (Western U.S.). "These layering pieces can be great for both indoors and outdoors, and are typically at reasonable price points." 

Ash City has struck particular success with its Journey Vests (88191/78191), made of 100% polyester anti-pill fleece. Boasting features like tonal coverstitch detailing and stretch binding finishes on the armholes, Ash City's Voyage Vests (88173/78173) are also hot sellers. Meanwhile at Tri-Mountain (asi/92125), the Crescent (7020) and the companion style Excursion (8350) – which feature 100% spun polyester fleece – are a hit with clients. "Our fleece vests are doing well," says John Perez, marketing associate at Tri-Mountain. 

When it comes to options for decorating the vests, a variety of options exist. "We feel fleece is best with embroidery, as it has the ability to handle fine text and/or designs," says Bunsness. "Other decoration options that you might research are laser and mixed-media designs, a leading edge trend that suits any garment with clean styling." Perez says the embellishment options don't stop there. "We prefer heat transfers for many of our garments."

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Next Step inCertified Safety
NFPA 2112 certification at the
garment level


Since 2002, Workrite has raised the bar in flame-resistant (FR) workwear safety by certifying garments to the NFPA 2112 standard. In fact, we’ve been certifying garments since it was possible to do so. And, while many safety professionals look for FR fabrics that are certified to NFPA 2112, having certified garments provides key safeguards to ensure your employees are protected.

NFPA 2112 is a national consensus standard, “Standard for Flame-Resistant Garments for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Flash Fire.” This standard specifies the minimum design, performance, certification requirements and test methods for FR garments used by employees at risk for flash fire. Workrite offers one of the broadest selections of certified garments in the industry, with more than 190 certified styles that use multiple fabrics and colors, including Nomex® IIIA, Protera®, UltraSoft® and Tecasafe® Plus.

What does it mean to have an NFPA 2112-certified garment? This additional certification at the garment level guarantees that these garments have been audited as a whole finished product. It goes beyond just fabric to include thread, zipper tape and all the items that make up the garment. And with the ongoing audit requirement, you can trust that every garment you order meets the same standards.  

Many customers want to be confident that their employees are wearing NFPA 2112-certified garments on the worksite. So Workrite takes the additional step of not only putting the required internal label inside the garment, but also adding an additional external label to certified garments for a quick visual reference. Our “NFPA 2112” external label guarantees that your entire garment satisfies the stringent requirements of this safety standard.

With more than 190 NFPA 2112-certified styles, Workrite offers additional assurance for our customers.

• Certified garments meet the requirements of NFPA 2112,
2012 Edition.

• Certification ensures that all fabric and trim items—thread, buttons, zipper tape, reflective tape, etc.—are FR.
• An easily identifiable “NFPA 2112” external label is on every Workrite garment certified to NFPA 2112.
• Our certified workwear assortment includes coveralls, shirts, pants and non-insulated outerwear in Nomex® IIIA, Indura®, UltraSoft®, Protera®and Tecasafe® Plus.
• Each certified style is third-party tested and audited annually.
• We continually add new certified styles based on customer needs.
• Every manufacturing site producing certified garments is audited annually.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Check out this article on "moisture management apparel" - very *cool* stuff!!!

Moisture Management Apparel not Just for Athletes

Monday, 06 May 2013 09:43

WILMINGTON, Mass. -- Moisture management apparel, also referred to as performance apparel, is not just for athletes any more. It's also fast becoming a garment choice for employees who work in hot and demanding environments, as well as anyone interested in maximum on-the-job comfort, no matter the work activity or surrounding temperatures.
Moisture management apparel is made entirely or partially from synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, since these manmade fibers can be manufactured to create air pockets that serve as funneling tubes to wick moisture away from skin. Such wicking action, in effect, mimics capillaries in the human body, which push oxygenated blood from inner arteries to outlying cellular tissues.
Temperature and worker exertion levels will typically dictate whether moisture management apparel is 100 percent synthetic -- to maximize its wicking characteristics, or a blend of fabrics, such as 65/35 poly/cotton -- to take advantage of the natural fiber's supple and abrasion-resistant characteristics.
As styling options have increased in recent years, so has the popularity of moisture management apparel. "At one time, if you wanted moisture management clothing, your choices were often limited to t-shirts," says Adam Soreff, Director of Marketing at UniFirst, a leading provider of uniforms and workwear to businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada. "That's all changed. Today, moisture management apparel includes such items as t-shirts, polo shirts, and a wide selection of industrial and other workwear shirts. At UniFirst, we even offer performance wear that's flame resistant."
Moisture management innovators are now able to weave fibers into small patterns on shirts that provide extra strength to the resulting fabric without any increase in weight. "One of the more popular weaves is known as micro pique," Soreff says. "Micro pique features mini geometric patterns on the fabric face; the added strength allows the apparel to withstand the rigors of tough work, as well as the industrial wash processes used in uniform rental programs like ours."
By helping to regulate body temperature, moisture management apparel has been shown to improve muscle performance and worker productivity. And that can be considered a "home run" on every athletic or business manager's scorecard.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

October 8th was the Cobb County Public Safety Golf Classic to benefit Safe Kids. It was held at Brookstone Country Club. 

Finishing in 2nd place at 12 under par was a team comprised of Robert Yurman, Uniform Sales of America. Randy Crider, Assistant Fire Chief. Wesley Sheard, Firefighter. KyleWilliams, Firefighter,
all members of Cobb County Fire Department.

Come see our Facebook page for a picture!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

National Fire Prevention Week is in October - it's a great time to remember our local firefighters and all the hard work they do, and a great time to highlight the critical role that flame-resistant uniforms play in keeping them safe!  See for for information and stay safe!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

We are excited to be partnering with National Safety Apparel, a company that has developed FR Control® and FR Control 2.0® both utilizing Outlast® fabric technologies -
Check out the video!